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Saddams destiny
SADDAM HUSSAIN, A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD, is suffering from the dreadful disease, diabetes mellitus. He is under medical supervision and His health condition is quite bad. He has to take insulin injections frequently and also every time before he eats. The state of the child is pitiful and moreover he has no one to care for. His parents are no more and also his other relatives had deserted him. While speaking to him we found that he had not eaten for several days and had traveled all alone from his hometown, thirunelveli and somehow reached Chennai. He had been living on the platform near a slum for several days . Luckily we found him and admitted him in hospital.He is now recovered but still had to take his insulin injection regularly, he is in safer hands.
You can also join with us on any of your free sundays and be a reason for a childs smile.
Our main ongoing project is to get recognition for the orphanages and to help create future for those children.
Even when we are blessed with beautiful relationships and things that we need, sometimes our future seems a question mark...then one can just imagine about the irony of those abandoned children. We need not even give away our fortunes, just a simple thought and a helping heart is enough, we can transform the lives of thousands of children. We can help them to help themselves in the future and keep them smiling forever.