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For a Flawless smile


“Join with us on a Sunday, you can be a reason for a smile…” ,familiar stance from Radium members….but this time v joined together ,to be a reason for a FLAWLESS SMILE…sounds weird but got lot of meaning thou’…oral health does play a vital role.. Teaching a child proper oral care at a young age is an investment in his or her health that will pay lifelong dividends. According to statistics, this preventable health problem begins early: 28 percent of children aged 2–5 years have already had decay in their primary (baby) teeth. By the age of 11, approximately half of children have experienced decay, and by the age of 19, tooth decay in the permanent teeth affects two-thirds (68 percent) of adolescents. This may result in pain, dysfunction, underweight, and poor appearance—problems that can greatly reduce a child's capacity to succeed in the educational environment as well. Low-income children have twice as much untreated decay as children in families with higher incomes”….”so what about those who don’t have a family?????” So, “RADIUM- Light for people in the dark” organized a Dental Camp on 20th July 2007 for 60+ special kids.
          Soon after the arrival of the special children at the spot, they were divided into different groups and taken to the respective dentists by the Blueblood volunteers. The first round of the dental check up came to end with every child’s teeth being checked patiently by the dentists. However, the second was only for those who suffered from tooth ache, tooth decay and other dental related problems. While kids went for their second turn, other kids awaited their friends without a single word of complaint. Their return with a pleasant smile after the painful task of teeth being removed could have taught a fully grown, mourning man to smile at life’s pains. The X-rays taken, the hospital’s out-patient cards [for future reference] , the reports of the dental check up were given by the hospital staff to the volunteers and an awareness was created about the merits of healthy teeth and how it influences the kid’s overall well-being...We are very much thankful to the generous hospital authorities and the good-hearted dentists.


You can also join with us on any of your free sundays and be a reason for a childs smile.

Our main ongoing project is to get recognition for the orphanages and to help create future for those children.
Even when we are blessed with beautiful relationships and things that we need, sometimes our future seems a question mark...then one can just imagine about the irony of those abandoned children. We need not even give away our fortunes, just a simple thought and a helping heart is enough, we can transform the lives of thousands of children. We can help them to help themselves in the future and keep them smiling forever.