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BlueBlood's Street Theatre - Aug 15

An Independence Day celebration, very independent of the daily routine life. Blueblood volunteers celebrated 60 years of Indian independence in a very thoughtful and thought provoking manner. We did street theatre performance in two places on the day, august 15th, 2007, one in a slum at, Ennore and another in, Vandalur. Our main thought was to press the importance of unity and youth power amongst the less fortunate children. The major theme of the skits was that “all should come together as one” to eradicate the social evils prevalent in INDIA and to take INDIA to the acme of glory. In ennore we made arrangements for those children to study and in vandalore, we distributed stationery items for the kids. We had a great time with the children there. After we had performed, the kids entertained us. In the evening, it was a totally new experience in the slum. We distribute note books and stationery items to all the children in that area.

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You can also join with us on any of your free sundays and be a reason for a childs smile.
Our main ongoing project is to get recognition for the orphanages and to help create future for those children.
Even when we are blessed with beautiful relationships and things that we need, sometimes our future seems a question mark...then one can just imagine about the irony of those abandoned children. We need not even give away our fortunes, just a simple thought and a helping heart is enough, we can transform the lives of thousands of children. We can help them to help themselves in the future and keep them smiling forever.