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Works by RADIUM(Blue Blood)

1. Nirmala Sishu Bhavan - Missionaries of Charity

21 -08 -06 this is when the Radium members were introduced to a new world. A world of boundless affection and love, teaching us the definition of human being in every single deed. They were over whelmed with joy on seeing us. We then realized that a laughing face does not mean there is no sorrow…it rather means that they have the courage to deal with it. Apart from mutually cherishing each other’s presence, we also realized the responsibility towards the society as a young blood of a developing country. Hence we decided to “change for a CHANGE”.

2. Bavisha Deepam (03-09-06)

Everything requires a start…but just a start wasn’t sufficient…to keep the spark glowing was the next visit to Bavisha Deepam. As we decided to change for a change, we first changed our attitude towards life. Just like this…We cried we had no shoes until we saw a man with no legs. Yes, life is full of blessings and the most blessed Ones were here.

As this culture extended as a weekly scheduled visits…every visit was a reassurance to them stating when God takes something from their grasp, he is not punishing them, but merely emptying to receive something better just like our love.

A candle is not dimmed by lighting another candle…and hence we explored the following places as well…

3. Good Life Home (10-09-06)
4. Kaakum Karangal (17-09-06)
5. Balagurukulam (24-09-06)
6. Anna Anadhai Illam (1-09-06)
7. Faith Home (8-09-06)
8. Good Life Home (15-09-06)
9. KAKKUM KARANGAL (22-9-06)
10. Bavisha Deepam (03-09-06)
11. Faith Home (8-09-06)
12. Balagurukulam (15-09-06)
13. Nesakkaram SEEDS (22-09-06)
14.Social Service Centre (29-09-06)
15. Anna Anadhai Illam (1-10-06)
16. Nethaji Mercy Home (8-10-06)
17. Faith Home (15-10-06)
18. Good Life Home ( 22-10-06)
19. Udhavum ullangal (29-10-06)
20. Social Service Centre (5-11-06)
21. Nethaji Mercy Home (12-11-06)
22. Anna Anadhai Illam (19-11-06)
23. Balagurukulam (26-11-06)
24. Faith Home ( 3-12-06)
25. Y.R.G. Center for AIDS Research and Education Voluntary Health Service (10-12-06)
26. Nirmala Sishu Bhavan - Missionaries of Charity (23-12-06)
27. Udhavum ullangal (30-12-06)
28. Anna Anadhai Illam (07-01-07)
29. Good Life Home (13-01-07)
30. Balagurukulam (21-01-07)
31. Social Service Centre (28-01-07)
32. Faith Home (04-02-07)
33. Anna Anadhai Illam (11-02-07)
34. Kaakum Karangal (18-02-07)
35. Social Service Centre (25-02-07)
36. Nethaji Mercy Home (03-03-07)
37. Janakalyan Sevashram (11.03.07)
38. Nesakkaram SEEDS (18.03.07)
39. Anna Anadhai illam (25/03/07)
40. Faith home, (Nambikkai illam) (01/04/07)
41. KAKKUM KARANGAL (08/04/07)
42.Social Service Centre(15/04/07)
44. Faith home, (Nambikkai illam) (29/04/07)
45. Anna Anadhai illam (06/05/07)
46. Janakalyan Sevashram (13.05.07)
47. Nethaji Mercy Home (20-05-07)
48. Faith home, (Nambikkai illam) (27/05/07)
49. Good Life Home ( 03-06-07)
50. Nirmala Sishu Bhavan - Missionaries of Charity (10-6-07)
51. Udhavum ullangal (17-06-07)
52. RADIUM Event (1-7-07)
53.Faith home (7-7-07)
54.Faith mercy home(15-7-07)
55.Good life home (29-7-07)
56.Nesakarram Seeds(5-8-07)
57.Slums of ennore (15-8-2007)
58.Anna anadhai illam(26-8-07)
59.Nesakaram seeds (9-8-2007)
61. Anna Anadhai illam, Chennai (15-8-07)
62.Anbanjali Event(16-8-07)
63.Kadesh childrens home, Bangalore
64.Nirmala Sishu bavan (23-8-07)
65.Udhavum Ullangal(30-8-07)
66.Blood donation camp, kovilambakkam(30-8-07
67.Medical camp for MR children,Thirunelveli(6-8-07)
68.Medical camp for MR children,Thirunelveli(7-8-07)

One of our first projects was that we raised funds for about fifteen AIDS affected children. We were able to raise the funds with just the help of college students from various institutions in Chennai.

We also donated a sum of money - towards the treatment of an engineering student who is affected with blood cancer. Again our heart felt thanks to the college students who were involved.

You can also join with us on any of your free sundays and be a reason for a childs smile.

Our main ongoing project is to get recognition for the orphanages and to help create future for those children.

Even when we are blessed with beautiful relationships and things that we need, sometimes our future seems a question mark...then one can just imagine about the irony of those abandoned children. We need not even give away our fortunes, just a simple thought and a helping heart is enough, we can transform the lives of thousands of children. We can help them to help themselves in the future and keep them smiling forever.