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Hard work will always be rewarded!! But when hard work goes along with noble thoughts, the reward will be beautiful indeed. That’s the secret behind the success of “Anbanjali”, a classical dance performance which organized by blueblood on September 16th2007 (Venue: MCC school auditorium) to raise funds for differently abled and mentally retarded children. A medical camp is going to be conducted on 6th and 7th of October, 2007 in thirunelveli govt. medical hospital for those children and also free surgeries are going to be performed for the required children. The dance performance also served to sensitize the audience as it depicted the life of the less privileged children. That message was excellently delivered through the brilliant performance of kumari Janani priya and Divya. The performance was a blend of classical dance and satirical drama about the current society. The two chief guests who presided over, Dr.Vidyasagar, UNICEF consultant and Mr.S.Mahimairaj, advocate, high court were really impressed about Blueblood’s mission and projects. They appreciated us a lot during their speech session and also felt proud of the youth involved in the activities. There was a good lot of audience whose minds were really opened up by the program and they promised to be a part of us in awakening more people about the needs and state of the less privileged children. ‘Always there are good people and good causes. When good people meet good causes there is fundraising’ and ANBANJALI is a standing example for it. The good hearts of many and the hard work of the volunteers and organisers have served to light up the lives of hundred special children. But we don’t wish to stop with these hundred, coz we know that millions of children are still waiting for us...If each one realizes this, we can touch so many more lives in the future.


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You can also join with us on any of your free sundays and be a reason for a childs smile.
Our main ongoing project is to get recognition for the orphanages and to help create future for those children.
Even when we are blessed with beautiful relationships and things that we need, sometimes our future seems a question mark...then one can just imagine about the irony of those abandoned children. We need not even give away our fortunes, just a simple thought and a helping heart is enough, we can transform the lives of thousands of children. We can help them to help themselves in the future and keep them smiling forever.